Finding Balance pt. 3

Finding Balance pt. 3

Dear Diary,

It's Friday!  Yay!  Super excited that it's Friday!

Continuing my journey to find balance with my life craziness, the second step in my process is outlined below.


This step is pretty crucial and can take some time.  Take a look at the findings from step one.  What's lacking or limited that you want to enhance or grow in your life?  What can be reduced, modified, or eliminated to afford you the ability to have more of what you want?

I mentioned yesterday that I want to ensure I'm getting equal time with all the things that matter to me.  I wrote that maybe a more consistent schedule would help.  After completing step two, I've realized that's "equal time" and a consistent schedule are pipe dreams.  "Equal time" was just an inappropriate way of articulating my thoughts.  A better way to articulate my thoughts would be to say that I want the flexibility to engage in activities and with the people I love with limited conflicts, while meeting my obligations.  As for the consistent schedule, I already have that for the majority of my time actually.  After writing for only one week, and having slept on yesterday's thoughts, I don't see a consistent schedule applying to my writing this blog or my coaching.

My initial thoughts were flawed.  That's ok.  I just continue on with the process.  This is all about digging deep and finding something that works.

So what did I consider first when it came to assessing what could be reduced, modified, or eliminated?  You guessed it - my PT job!  Don't get me wrong, my job doesn't suck wind.  It's a challenging job and quite a great gig.  I enjoy the contributions I make and really enjoy the connections with my team.  Admittedly, a vital aspect to my job is the fact that it provides income to pay bills.  Would I quit if I could?  Probably, but only because I would love to have complete flexibility and control on how I spend my time.  Who wouldn't?  (I've already reduced my hours from full-time to part-time last May.  I could consider reducing them a bit more, but for now, I'll try to maintain my current level of effort.)

Another consideration was to stop my volunteer effort.  After some thought, I've decided that I will stick with it.  I committed to volunteering for the school year and will not bail on that commitment.  I enjoy the contribution I make here as well, in addition to the friends and social engagement.  (With that said, I have advised them that I won't be volunteering in the same capacity next year.)

Life coaching is my joy - it's my happy place, along with other things like spending time with family!  Absolutely no modifications will be made to my coaching efforts right now.  Not only would it reduce my happiness, it would adversely impact my clients.

My evaluation options then conclude with this daily blog.  Blog writing, especially on a daily basis, is challenging.  I do not have to do it.  It was a call on my heart that I heeded and I'll do my best to see it through.  Again, I'm blogging about daily consciousness because my life has dramatically changed since becoming more aware of my thoughts, behaviors, values, and more.  I'm choosing to be accountable to practicing consciousness daily by writing this blog.

While I am choosing to continue the blog, there will likely be some modifications.  That's not crazy, right?  After all, I just started.  I don't want to bail just yet.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy the challenge of putting myself out there.  I enjoy learning how to develop a website and integrate it with social media.  (There's lots and lots of learning going on!).

Some of the modifications are how I prepare, write and execute the blog.  Some blog entries may be really short to ensure I'm acknowledging my needs and limitations that particular day (I believe I did that just a few days ago).  I'm maximizing my time better.  For example, I started dictating my thoughts while driving in the car.  It helps greatly to have that "draft" already written that I can edit and finalize.  I've also given a lot of thought to the blog images to streamline how much time it takes to develop.  (You may have already noticed that I'm reusing the same image for this topic with some minor variations.)  There are some other modifications that are in my thoughts, rustling about.  We'll see how things shake out.  Point is, reducing the level of effort I invest in the blog, yet still meeting the daily goal of documenting daily thoughts/reflections is a win-win for me.

In summary, my evaluation of my options resulted in identifying ways to continue to do this blog, but streamline my effort.  Everything that I'm doing is important to me for one reason or another and I'm quite happy; just unbalanced.

I'm going to be spending some much needed time with family this weekend.  I'll still blog, but my entries may be much shorter to accommodate, er...balance, my need for some family love.

Be open to what comes.

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