Wellness Wednesday: Reflection

Welcome to the my first Wellness Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I'll write about my health.  It's my way of ensuring I remain focused on this important area of my life.

As for today's post, I'm reflecting on the past 30 days.  So let's recap...

My short-term goals were to:

  1. Remain conscious of my choices...every day, every meal, every bite.
  2. Eat more whole food than processed food.
  3. Lose 15 lbs by Thanksgiving.

How did I fare against these goals?

I can honestly say I was conscious every day.  I blogged every day and remained focused.  I can also say I was conscious of every meal, but again, it didn't mean that each meal was healthy.  And, I'm proud to say that I became better at consciousness down to each bite.  Just today, I ate cauliflower for lunch and honored my desire to stop, even though there were only two more florets left.  I was still hungry; I just didn't want anymore cauliflower.  

I am definitely eating WAY more whole food than processed food.  Overall, I do believe I feel better than I did 30 days ago.

My "official" weight loss (from September 18 to today) is 4.9 lbs.  I lost just over one pound each week.  Focusing on that alone, it feels like insignificant progress.  My goal to lose 15 lbs by Thanksgiving — let alone the 50 lbs I'd ideally like to shed overall — feels so overwhelmingly unachievable.  But, if I repeat the past month just 11 more times, I'd lose 52 lbs!  (Thirty days flew by.  If I can take these small steps for the next 30 days — just 11 more times — a year will have passed by and I'll be at my ideal weight.)

What did I learn from being hyper focused on my health?  What are my take-aways?

  1. I MUST be aware/purposeful/focused/determined (or as I say, "conscious") of my goals and intentions.  If I'm not, they won't happen.  Period.  Hence, the value of my vision board.  If I hadn't of completed it earlier in the year and made reference to it, I'd get swept up by life's distractions.
  2. Consciousness has reduced, if not eliminated, my overeating.  I am a member of the clean-plate club.  While my parents were well intentioned, I was made to finish my plate, as were so many in my generation.  Our brains were reprogrammed to overeat.  I'm working my way out of that.
  3. I can't lose sight of the goal.  I can't lose sight of the forest for the trees, as they say.  I literally just identified this take-away while writing this post.  Before writing this post, I almost considered not writing about my weight loss because I was humiliated by my lack of progress.  Whereas, when I refocused on the big picture, I can see how my small, seemingly insignificant weight loss is an accomplishment and can get me where I want to be in just one year.  Yes, a year is a long time, but I've had this extra weight with me for way longer than one year.  I must be kind to myself and give my body a year to shed it.

This 30-day journey was enlightening and impactful.  I'm so glad I did it.  I'm also excited to see if I reach my Thanksgiving goal!

Be open to what comes.

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