Thoughtful Thursday: Choice

Welcome to my first Thoughtful Thursday!

From now until the end of the year, every Thursday will now be Thoughtful Thursday.  It's a day on which I will focus my consciousness on my thoughts.  On Thursdays, I may ponder something meaningful and deep, happenings in the news, friendships, work life, my business...whatever strikes me.  I still do it quite often, but I'll actually write about the more interesting ones on Thursdays.

Why am I doing this?

After coming up with the idea to focus every Wednesday on health/wellness, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  It was then that I realized that selecting a day on which I choose to focus on something that is important to me feels awesome.  It's empowering.  Being conscious in the everyday moments is also empowering.  But, writing about those moments felt responsive.  I often felt like I was chasing the blog rather than the blog being of service.  By that I mean that every day I'd reflect on daily happenings and try to find something to write about.  Now, I'm choosing what to write about.  I consider both approaches conscious.

(Don't get me wrong...heightened consciousness in my everyday existence has resulted in an immensely joyous and contented life.  I don't ever want that to change.  And I will continue to find ways to share those methods with others.)

So, while I had initially made the choice to be conscious and document the outcome in this blog daily, it never dawned on me, until yesterday, to choose to be conscious about the very things that were important to me...the things that I want more of in my life.

What are my thoughts for today?

Today it's about the empowerment of choice.

Implementing this change has already made me feel more in control with this blog than I have all year.  And that's terribly funny to even consider, given I'm not writing this blog for anyone else but me!  There aren't any requirements to meet other than a daily post.  I don't have to worry about number of words, how long it takes to read, whether multimedia is incorporated or anything else.  Hell.  I don't even have to post if I don't want to!

Now, I MAKE time to think about the things that matter most.  If I say my health is important, then I have to make it important.  So, now I have.  I've carved out at least ONE day where it WILL be written about.  Yes, I could write about it on Wednesdays and eat junk food every other day of the week.  But, I won't.  And, I could be conscious on Thursdays and write about my thoughts, while all other days of the week I'm running around unconsciously, like a hamster on a wheel.  But, I won't.

I've completely and willingly adopted the idea that change can be good if I allow it to be.  The idea of choosing repeating themes, either daily or weekly, had come to mind before.  But it hadn't materialized with clarity until yesterday.  So, even though the majority of the year has passed, I'm incorporating this change.  I'm following my intuition.  Maybe God is putting change in front of me to guide me where I'm supposed to be.  Maybe this technique will help me when I implement my business blog.  Who knows?  All I know is that I won't know unless I'm open to the idea of change.

So, change is here.

Wanna know what the theme will be for Fridays?  Check back tomorrow! :)

Be open to what comes.

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