Soul Sunday: Reality

Welcome to the first Soul Sunday!

From now until the end of the year, every Sunday will be devoted to exploring my soul work/spirituality.  I suspect I'll write about any and all things that feel WAY bigger than me, and when I believe something or someone bigger than me is showing up in my life.  I may also write about intuition, prayer, meditation, or similar given it's all related in my mind.

What's on my mind today?

I continue to explore the idea of reality.  Do we have the potential to manifest the life we want?  Is the Universe at work and we're to decide if we go with or against what's presented in any given moment?  Is reality a balance between the two?

Quick Note: I may use Universe/God/Divine and other words interchangeably throughout this and future Soul Sunday posts.  Also, I've talked about the idea of surrender in previous posts, but I've not expressly written about manifestation before.  By manifestation, I mean the distinct planning and visioning to get what you want in life.

Here are some examples of what I mean about manifestation and surrender:

After entering a life coaching program last year, I knew that I wanted to coach others.  I finished the program and received my certification.  I've taken steps toward growing my business, all in an effort to one day quit my 9-5 job to solely run my own business.  My manifestation efforts thus far have been minimal, I must say.  With my job, the blog, and volunteer work, I've kept my clientele low as I don't want to be spread too thin.  As my efforts to start focusing on my business have gained speed these last few weeks, I can't help but to believe that the Universe has been at work the entire time.  Even though I felt I was somewhat on hold, things were moving along unbeknownst to me.  I say this because my job, the blog, and my volunteer work have taught me some valuable lessons/techniques/skills that I can apply to my business.  That's not something I planned, but in hindsight, it's amazing to see the correlation.

Another example is my living situation.  (I wrote about this extensively in a prior post, so I'll keep it a bit more brief here.)  I have been saying for YEARS that I wanted a smaller home on more land.  Ideally, this smaller home would be a ranch style.  I wanted a large island and a view.  I wanted good schools for my daughter and to live near family.  After years of searching, we never found what we were looking for.  We'd find some, but not most of the wish list items.  So, we stayed put.  Now, here we are, getting ready to move into a ranch home on more than one acre of land, with a view.  And, we'll be close to work and family.  I am absolutely certain I manifested this into reality.  But, I still believe God was at work in the timing of everything to have it all happen and work out for the best.

My last example is my job.  I submitted an application last year to be an internal coach for my organization.  I wasn't selected.  I was so disappointed.  Here I am one year later and I just applied again.  A lot has changed over the past year.  And, I actually think I have a really great shot at being selected.  (In an effort to complete this year's application, I reviewed last year's.  It sucked.  I can see why I wasn't selected.  Not only did my application suck, it was an extremely competitive space.)  Not only am I a certified coach now, I'm also in a job that aligns with the coaching WAY better than my old job.

I have communicated to God that I feel I'm supposed to impact many with my coaching skills.  I assumed that meant via my own business and I'm taking steps toward that goal.  But, maybe that's not in the cards for me, or at least maybe it's not the only piece to the puzzle.  I say that because I can't help but feel that this internal coaching opportunity may actually happen.  And if it does, that's a game changer.  I would impact WAY more people than I think I ever would have through personal/private coaching.  God may give me what I've wanted, but on a much larger scale.

In assessing these examples, and others, it seems that I've communicated WHAT I want and God provides the HOW.  I just have to be willing to get clear on what I want, but be flexible in how I get it.

How has life played out for you?  I'd love to hear if your experience is similar.

Be open to what comes.

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