Wellness Wednesday: Coaching

If I asked you on a scale of 1 to 10 how "well" you are, what would your answer be?  (On this scale, 1 is miserable, and 10 is fantastic!)  If it's not a 10, read on...

Part of wellness is taking care of ourselves.  I've talked about the importance of taking care of our physical bodies, like getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating healthfully, and more.  I've also talked about striking a work/life balance so that we reduce stress.

There are other aspects to our wellness, including getting appropriate support when we need it for any aspect of life that's important to us.  That could be work, home, relationships, health, finances, and more.  When we get the flu, we go to our general practitioner.  When we break a tooth, we go to the dentist.  When we need an eye exam, we go to the optometrist.

What about all the other stuff?

Who can help us get healthier?  What about when we want to become better leaders/executives?Who do we see when our emotions are on overload?  Who do we turn to when we can't seem to get out of a funk?  What about when we feel stuck and need a change, but can't quite articulate the change we want?

Consider a coach.

Coaches are prolific these days and they all have a specific niche or subset of people they support.  Corporate/executive coaching is the most common, and most widely accepted.  Most corporate executives are expected to have coaches.  But did you know there are coaches for any and everything under the sun?  There are coaches for small business owners to help them expand, streamline, market, and strategize their businesses.  There are coaches for those going through a divorce.  There are coaches for kids entering college and for those deciding to leave college early.  There are parenting coaches and relationship coaches and...  Ok.  You get the point.  Coaching is available for anything you can think of and more.

Life coaching can be the most challenging to explain because it's the most broad.  In essence, life coaches help people get what they want out of life.  Period.  If you're unhappy, call a life coach.  If you want to find purpose and meaning, call a life coach.  If you feel stuck and stagnant, call a life coach.  If you want to have a better outlook on life, call a life coach.

Me, I specialize in helping women cultivate their story.  I partner with women while they assess who they are and if that matches the vision of the parent and woman they want to be.  If not, I help them understand their story and take control of the pen to write the next chapter.

Coaches can have coaches too!  Actually, many do.  Many coaches I know, regardless of niche, have business coaches that help them start/grow their businesses.  Me?  I just got me a health coach!  Woohoo!  Timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I'm looking forward to seeing how well we work together and what "a-ha's" I may have in the process!

Coaching is everywhere and isn't just for the rich.  It can be life changing.  And sometimes, that's just what the doctor ordered!  So, if you don't feel "well," maybe a coach is the perfect medicine!

Be well and...

Be open to what comes.

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