I'm on the Move!

As a follow up to my The Winds are Shifting post, today it became official.  It's real.  The new guy arrived and with that, I'm onto new pastures.

Change can invite feelings of anxiety and excitement.  And while I was full of mixed emotions about this a few weeks ago, I'm all onboard now.  I refuse to speak any negativity about this change into the universe.  Nothing but greatness has followed me throughout this change and I can't be more excited.

This change got me to thinking about a metaphor for life that I heard over the weekend.  Given it was a long, glorious weekend, I actually had a chance to watch an older episode of Super Soul Sunday.  (For those that don't know of it, I HIGHLY recommend it if you're into self-reflection and exploring the deeper meaning of life.)  The episode I watched was an interview with Barbara Brown Taylor.  She's a New York Times best-selling author, college professor, and Episcopal priest.   During this episode, she said that many of the folks she knew likened life to a train ride.  She then stated that she prefers the analogy of a sailboat.

A train ride is pretty simple.  It seems so linear doesn't it?  If life were like a train ride, we'd probably feel like life should always progress forward until we reach our destination.

The sailboat analogy differs tremendously from a train ride.  Now, I've never been on a sailboat, but I imagine the complexities are significantly greater than a train.  There's the ocean dynamic to deal with - are the seas calm, rocky, or are you in tsunami-like waves?  In addition to the ocean, how are the winds?  Are they pretty steady and perfect for mobility?  Or are there only hints of a breeze every now and again?  To boot, who else is in the boat with you?  As captain of your ship, do they know how to support you?  If they do, are they WILLING to support you?

The more I think about the sailboat analogy, the more I love it.  The most fascinating aspect to me is assessing who's on the boat with you.  This could cover SO MUCH GROUND!  Are you alone on your sailboat?  If not, do you FEEL alone?  Are your boat mates supportive and loving, knowledgable and capable?  As captain, have we communicated effectively to obtain the support we need to meet our goals?  I could go on forever...

Now, you should know that I was going to post about a completely different topic today.  However, as I typed, I just wasn't feeling it.  (It's happened before.)  I've listened to my intuition enough to know that I'm not supposed to post it if it doesn't FEEL right.  I changed course (get it? ;)) and decided to write about these work-related changes.  I searched for a quote to accompany my post today, and one in particular completely resonated with me.  I could only see the quote itself when I settled on using it, but didn't know the source yet.  Imagine my surprise when I realized the source just so happened to be none other than Barbara Brown Taylor.  I love how the universe works. :)

The only real difference between anxiety and excitement was my willingness to let go of fear.
— Barbara Brown Taylor

Does the sailboat analogy resonate with you?  Is your boat moving or is it anchored down?

Be open to what comes.


Another A-MAZING Day