Life's Purpose

Do you believe you have a purpose in life?  Do you believe that maybe you have more than one purpose?  Do you believe you were born for a specific do a specific thing?

These questions have been on my mind recently for two reasons.  One, it seems like there's a significant interest these days in identifying your passion or purpose in life.  I attended some recent trainings that claimed (or at least implied) to do just that, along with giving me the confidence to go forth confidently in the world to pursue it!

Let me just say now that these trainings were free and offered by presenters that I respect and follow on social media.  While I thought both classes offered interesting and valuable content, I did not leave with the sense that I had found my purpose in life.  (Important side notes: One, this assumes I heard the presenters correctly state their training intentions.  Two, they both offered for-fee trainings that would dig deeper into the content they introduced.)

The second reason I've pondered life's purpose is due to my mother-in-law's recent passing.  She was a beautiful soul, one that yearned to help and give and love.  From what I know of her, both from experience and from the stories told by her loved ones, she did exactly that in nearly everything she did.  She helped tirelessly.  She gave willingly.  And she loved deeply.  She supported her country as the spouse of a military serviceman.  Most, if not all of her employment selections had the common theme of service.  Even after retiring, she volunteered her time to local businesses, such as hospitals and libraries.  And although she encountered tragedy and pain and suffering in her life, I rarely ever heard her complain.

I can't help but to think: Did she have a purpose on earth?  Did she have many?  Did she fulfill one or more?  If her purpose was fulfilled years ago, why couldn't she have gone earlier and been spared the pain?  What was the point of her suffering?  Was there a purpose for others in her suffering?

I obviously can't answer these questions for my mother-in-law.  But what I can offer is my belief that we all have a purpose, at least one.  I believe in God.  And with that, I believe He has one or more reasons for each of us to be here.

For some, the dream may be identified early in childhood and indelibly chased from an early age.  For many, the dream may be identified in childhood, but is dismissed for any number of reasons.  Maybe the career ambition seemingly lacks sufficient income to make a living.  Maybe the dream isn't prestigious enough to fit in to one's vision, or possibly a parent's vision.  Or maybe fear was too significant, too scary, too overwhelming to even attempt the pursuit.  For others, a "calling" may arise after years in a given career, sometimes labeled a "mid-life crisis."

For me, I KNOW that I was born to be a mother to my daughter.  Does every mother feel that?  I'm not sure.  I just know God made the perfect match between my daughter and I.  I also KNOW that I was supposed to become a life coach (you can read just a bit more about that in my Introduction post).  Other than those two things, both of which have happened within the last 10 years, I can't say I'm aware of any other purpose(s).

Does that mean that my first three decades on the earth were wasted?  Does that mean that all my current efforts relating to things other than my child or life coaching are for not?  I don't believe so.  Some things just take time.  After all, hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

What say you?  What are your thoughts on your life's purpose?

Be open to what comes.

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