Inquiry (pt 3)

I'm still asking myself questions to determine my next steps with this blog.  This is the fourth post in this series.  If you want to catch up, read Decisions, DecisionsInquiry (pt 1), and Inquiry (pt 2).

How does accountability play into this for me?

Measurably.  I actively work toward a goal when I have a deadline.  I also appreciate accountability to keep me in check.

How successful will I be at continuing to practice consciousness daily without the accountability of the blog?

Reducing, or even eliminating, the blog wouldn't impact my ability to practice consciousness.  I feel my ability to respond and behave more consciously is increasing by the day.  The blog is not making me do that.  The blog is just a means to document those experiences.

What am I sacrificing by blogging daily?

Good question my mind came up with here.  LOL!  Let's see...time with family; time to apply toward the list of undone things at the house; time for my coaching and volunteer efforts; time to myself!  (Oh, who am I kidding with the last one?!)  There may be more answers here, but I can't think of anything else.

With that said, each post is different.  The amount of time each post takes varies wildly.  Oftentimes, I dictate my thoughts during my commute.  (There are rarely posts wherein I don't dictate at least a portion.)  I wouldn't be able to repurpose that time toward any of the things mentioned above.  I'd just listen to the news or music during the commute instead.  While listening to the news or music is nice, it's not making a dent in the list above.  Now, for posts I dictate, I usually end up refining the post before clicking the Publish to the World button.  Because I'm not a seasoned writer, it takes me a while to finalize things sometimes.  Other times, it's very quick.

What's the impact on my family if I continue blogging daily?

Wow.  This is a pretty significant question — one that I'm not sure I can answer with certainty when it comes to my husband.  My initial thought is there's both a logistical and emotional impact for him.  Clearly, if I weren't blogging everyday, I'd likely be able to help more with things around the house.  With that said, my husband is A-MAZING, and does so much to support my goals.  And, if I weren't blogging everyday, would he feel more supported and loved?  (Hey, Honey, let me know what you feel the impact would be when you read this.  OK?) ;)  Guess I'll have to let you all know how that one pans out...

The impacts on my daughter are a bit more clear.  Does blogging daily take time away from her?  Yep.  Is it detrimental?  Nope.  Am I concerned about my lack of time with her?  Nope...and here's why.  When she was younger, I wanted to spend every waking moment with her.  I think many moms feel that way.  As she's gotten older, and as I've come to realize, it's not possible to be there every breathing second; nor do I feel it's even in her best interest.  Spending every moment with her just makes her more reliant on me and/or on my presence.  As I've traveled and taken more opportunities to be away from her, she's grown closer to my husband than she would have otherwise.  (I'm still the one she gravitates to.  But now when I'm not around, she doesn't view it as the end of the world.  She used to.  I'm sure part of the shift is applicable to age as well as me creating some healthy separation.)  Having time to invest in other things that are meaningful to me conveys to her my values and makes her understand the world doesn't revolve around her.  Through my actions, she's realized that I not only value family, including dedicated time with her, but that I also value contributing to society, volunteerism, and helping others.

I think I do a pretty good job of balancing everything, with the help of my A-MAZING hubs, of course.  And, I try my best to maximize my time.  (All questions, with the exception of this one, were dictated while commuting.  Now I'm typing my answer for this last question while my daughter is at an extracurricular activity.  Again, I'm not sacrificing time that I could be doing something else.  I exploit my time whenever I can!)

Longer post than intended today.  That last answer just came flooding out of my fingertips.

The inquiry continues tomorrow...

Be open to what comes.

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