Signs Are All Around Us

Do you believe in signs from loved ones that have passed on?  You know, like when you see a penny, a rainbow, a cardinal, or butterfly that it means someone from the "other side" is reaching out to say "Hello.".  Although I gave just four examples, there's no limit to what can be considered a sign from "spirit."

I believe in signs wholeheartedly.  In fact, I believe that when I see feathers or those little white fluffy things (dandelions and/or cottonwood tree seeds, I think) fly through the air in my direct path, that someone from the other side is trying to get my attention.

Now yes, I realize that all of these things could be seen as, well, normal occurrences.  Pennies get dropped on the ground all the time.  Feathers will be found wherever birds are present.  And so on and so on.  I get that.  I just don't choose to see it that way.

My faith in God and in the fact that our soul lives on after we pass is very strong.  So while I do use feathers as my typical indication of signs from spirit, it doesn't mean it's limited to just feathers.  I'll give you two examples that happened just over the past week.

As my family prepared for our trip last week for my mother-in-laws memorial service, I asked my husband to put up some hooks in our daughter's room to help organize her necklaces.  He did so, and also put his grandmother's old jewelry box in her room in case she wanted to use it.  I opened the box to acquaint myself with the layout and to help my daughter organize her jewelry.  Upon picking up one of the drawers, I heard something slide as I tilted the drawer from front to back.  Long story short, a ring had fallen under the insert and we were able to dig it out.

This jewelry box has sat in my basement for the past three years.  What made me think to organize my daughter's necklaces that day?  What made my husband think of revitalizing this old jewelry box?  Who knows?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  I don't think so.  The ring was beautiful and belonged to my grandmother-in-law or possibly even an earlier generation.  I believe that it was a sign from my grandmother-in-law to let us know she was with us.  

The latest sign was just today.  As we returned to the area and started to adjust ourselves to our normal routine again, we perused a ton of mail.  One piece in particular caught my attention.  It was a piece of mail addressed to my mother-in-law.  She hasn't lived with us for many years, yet today we receive a piece of mail addressed to her.

Am I crazy?  Am I seeing these things because I believe?  Possibly.  I believe I see the signs because I'm open to the idea of it.  If I didn't believe, I don't see why spirit would even try.  What a waste of time.

I believe there are three groups of "believers": wholehearted believers; complete non-believers; and those who want to believe, but can't commit to the idea.  Personally, I take great comfort in being a wholehearted believer.  I know that I still have loved ones watching and guiding me from the other side.  I also know that they seek to communicate with me just as much as I do with them.  Every time I see a sign, my heart swells and I smile.

So, if you're on the fence about signs, the next time you see a penny, or a rainbow, or a feather, or some random piece of mail addressed to a deceased loved one, try closing your eyes, opening your heart, and saying "Hello."  It may just make you smile too.

Be open to what comes. 

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