Intuition Successes

As I mentioned yesterday, intuition is HUGE for me.  I’m trying to follow my intuition more in hopes of gaining clarity as to the whispers and nudges we get, not just for the small, day-to-day stuff, but for the big stuff too.

I’ve had numerous intuition successes regarding the small stuff.  Pick up your keys or else you'll forget them.  Check.  So and so's birthday is coming—send a card.  Check.  Things like that happen all the time.  Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't.  When I don't listen, I usually reap the  consequences.  (Remember the headphones that I didn't pick up?  Yep, went without tunes...THE. ENTIRE. DAY.)

In addition to small wins, I've also had some big wins.  For one, I listened when the nudge, more like a sledgehammer, hit me upside my head to become a life coach.  And just recently, I reluctantly followed my intuition whispers when it came to a prior client.  I want to share that story with you today because I thought the events were pretty cool.

(To protect my client's identity, I will refer to her by a different name and a different profession.  I’ll call my client, Julie, and I’ll say her profession is a retail store manager.)

Julie contacted me after reading a post I had placed on a FB page of which we're both members. She was feeling the strain of imbalance between work and home.  She wanted to work part-time instead of full-time, but felt like her current employer wouldn't support the request.  (There were other factors at play as well that contributed to a complicated work dynamic.)

Fast forward to the end of Julie's and my relationship, I am at a store that sells the type of product that aligns with Julie's expertise.  I happen to know the regional manager of this store and was speaking with her one day.  During this conversation, I get the feeling that I should ask her if the store is looking for part-time help.  My immediate response to this nudge was not just "no," but "hell no!"  I felt that it would be too weird.  Julie was my client.  I had to retain client confidentiality.  How would I explain our relationship if asked?  And what would my client think?  It's not part of my gig to go finding folks jobs!  I empower people to make the change they want to make, not go do the deeds for them!  Needless to say, I did not pursue that intuition nudge.

A couple of weeks later, while visiting the store again, the nudge returned.  This time, it was stronger.  Even though my logical brain tried to rationalize the idea away once more, the feeling to ask persisted.  I was conscious enough to realize I was very uncomfortable about asking, but chose to follow the feeling.  (I was reading the Surrender Experiment at the time.  I was testing out "surrendering" to the universe.)  I was immediately curious as to what would happen.  After quickly making a plan to ensure I maintained Julie's confidentiality, I blurted out the question, saying that I knew it was a strange question for me to ask.

In short, I asked and the store was, in fact, looking for part-time help, even though there were signs that would indicate otherwise.  Imagine my amazement when she answered yes!  Later that evening, I informed my client what I had done and why.  She was intrigued and reached out to the prospective employer.  I am excited—and shocked—to say that it looks like she will be working at that store in the near future.

Now, remember...Julie doesn't really work as a store manager.  She works in a different profession where in it would be a bit more challenging to find a part-time schedule.  In addition to the PT schedule, this job also hit many of the desired conditions Julie wanted.  I didn't take any of that into account when I asked.  Also remember, I didn't want to ask.  I pushed and pushed against it.

The way things unfolded was almost too good to be true.  This experience completely floored me.  I'm just going to be honest.  It is rare that intuition speaks to me as loudly as it did that fateful day.  I am glad that I decided to follow the guidance.  Not only did my "surrender" boost my spiritual connection/belief, it has the possibility of significantly changing the life of someone I know.

In looking back through the entire process with this client from beginning to end, it all seems unreal. It definitely feels like the Divine was involved.  Maybe God didn't want me to screw up the whole plan at the end, and that's why the feeling to ask about PT help just got stronger and stronger.  I honestly have no idea how this works.  I just know that I'd love to have clarity around it if I'm afforded the opportunity.

What I can say is that with success comes failure.  I've had plenty of intuition fails, which is why following my intuition can be terribly challenging!  Is it really communication from God, the Universe, spirit?  Or is it all in my head?

More on this tomorrow...

Be open to what comes.

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