Intuition Fails

Sticking with the intuition topic, let me tell you about some failures.

I believe I already described ignoring the whisper to pick up my headphones the other day.  I went without tunes all day long!  There are a ton of other fails that are for small, everyday matters like that.  I've had many and will spare you the mundane details.

However, I am going to detail a recent fail that exceeded the scope of day-to-day life.

I went to see a Medium on Sunday - you know, someone that talks to the dead.  Have you ever seen the TLC show, Long Island Medium?  For those that haven’t, it’s a reality TV show of a Medium named Theresa Caputo.  She’s got the gift of gab and talking to the dead.  I’m a devoted follower of that show.  The medium that I saw on Sunday has a very similar style to Theresa Caputo.  I find the ability of mediums simply fascinating.

About two weeks before the event, I saw a FB ad in my feed selling tickets to the event.  There was a comment from someone that was interested in attending, but couldn't.  No rationale was provided.  I heard the whisper to pay for her ticket if she couldn’t attend due to financial reasons. 

This is where shit got real.  I found myself having a full on conversation in my head about this!  I pushed against the idea.  I rattled off all the reasons I should not engage this stranger about why she couldn't attend:

  1. She will think I’m bat-shit crazy!  What stranger asks you why you're not attending a function?
  2. Why should I spend my money to cover her attendance?!
  3. What if she had other reasons for not attending?  How insane will that make me look?!

Needless to say, I didn't contact her.

A week before the event, I saw the ad again.  And, again, I heard the whisper to reach out to this woman.  Now, she didn't know me from Eve.  I did not comply with this whisper the first time I saw the post.  But the second time the post showed up, the feeling was stronger.  So I did.

Yep.  I did.  Yes, you're probably thinking I'm crazy.  I did too!  But, I was really curious to see what would happen.

Surprisingly, the woman replied to my message a couple of days later.  She did ask why I reached out and I was honest.  Her reasons for not attending were not monetarily based.  Therefore, our text messages ended, quite cordially, even though I'm sure she thought I was insane.

I have no idea why I felt like I should contact her.  This is an intuition fail in my opinion.  Maybe I misinterpreted the whisper.  Or, I am a hot crazy mess and the guidance that I thought I had received wasn't my intuition at all, rather sheer curiosity manifested from my own, rational brain.

Can't believe I'm spilling my beans here, but I'm pursuing my intuition hits—successes and failures—to try and gain some clarity.  I'm hopeful my transparency with this struggle will help my daughter one day.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, I hope this post sparks your curiosity or offers an aspect with which to resonate.

Be open to what comes.

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